How does it work?

A film at Yara InMedia has three steps. First we get to know each other and Yara InMedia will make the film from start to finish. And it can go fast. Most of the films that we make are online within 3 weeks!




First of all, we will find out what kind of story you want to tell. The two most important questions are: What do you want to achieve with the film? And who is the target group? If we have that covered, we can get started. If you want a film that brings out the essence of your company and creates a good feeling, then Yara InMedia is the right party.


We make a script and per scene we look at what needs to be arranged for production. Who will be interviewed and what will they tell you. An agreed working process helps to determine together how the film contributes to visibility. We want to involve the viewer directly in the story by creating a authentic story. 


The film is born in the editing. In one day we shoot up to four hours of film material. We cut that into a powerful film of a few minutes. You get at least one correction round. That means that we deliver a first version and you can then post your comments or comments. We will adjust this accordingly. Then we ensure that the film is sent to you in Full HD or 4K quality.